How Brands Use Threads Differently from Other Social Platforms

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Threads is the new kid on the social media block from Meta which is implicitly (or not so) designed to rival Twitter with a more personal and conversational experience. This new microblogging platform reached 100 million users within 5 days of launch and seems to be taking social media back to its roots of being, well…social! So what are the opportunities for brands and how do they use Threads differently from other social platforms?

1. Behind the Scenes Content

Whilst it is still early days for the platform, right now brands and sharing more personal and candid content with their followers – allowing a peek behind the curtain to help build trust and rapport. This conversational tone allows brands to break the fourth wall and feel more accessible to their followers, generating engagement. Examples might include sharing how you make your products from start to finish or your thought process when it comes to connecting with your ideal customers.

2. Storytelling

Threads is encouraging brands to tell their stories in more detail – with a 500-character limit that exceeds Twitter’s and places an emphasis on adding to your previous post or ‘thread’ to elaborate on a subject. This gives brands a more organic way of expanding on their products, services, or values and mimics a verbal conversation rather than a more corporate-feeling soundbite. Brands can mix text, imagery and video, and even GIFs using a Google Keyboard or GIPHY to weave compelling threads that capture their audience’s imagination.

3. Direct Engagement

The platform’s focus on fostering meaningful conversation rather than pushing what might be trending (hashtags aren’t used on the platform currently) or what advertisers have paid for means brands are using it to engage with their followers more directly. Posing questions and having conversations off the back of those threads means brands can build stronger relationships with their followers and get faster feedback on their products and services.

How to use Threads effectively for your brand:

  • Share content that is relevant to your target audience
  • Keep your content short and sweet. If you need to expand add to your thread!
  • Use image or video to stand out
  • Ask questions to encourage engagement
  • Respond to any comments and questions quickly

While it’s still early days for the platform, its simple UI coupled with its focus on fostering real engagement between users is very promising. If it is the right platform for your business and you’re prepared to use it in the way it was intended to be then I think it could have great benefits for your brand in a way other social platforms are currently falling short of.

What are your thoughts on Threads? Let me know in the comments and drop your handle if you feel comfortable so we can follow one another!

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