The Truth About Using Hashtags on Instagram for Your Small Business

The truth about using hashtags on Instagram

Deciding which hashtags to use on your posts can be a bit of headscratcher when you’re just starting out posting about your small business or brand and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there! So here are some vital truths and tips for using hashtags on Instagram for your small business!:

Tagging for your ideal customers or followers

We use hashtags to increase the reach of our posts. But we need to ensure that we’re reaching the right people! This is why hashtags need to be relevant to both the post itself and the people it’s targeting. Two posts on your feed may be targeted at completely different types of customers or audiences – if you use exactly the same set of hashtags on both posts you’re not using them efficiently!


Avoid targeting your own echo chamber with your hashtags

You may find that you’re getting lots of likes and perhaps even the odd comment but look closer and you’ll realise that these users are in the same field as you – chasing followers and engagement for their own accounts by engaging with yours. Whilst I’m a firm champion of #CommunityOverCompetition and it’s nice to support one another, it’s not the type of engagement that typically leads to ROI for you the small business owner.

to reach customers you have to think like a customer

Get into the mindset of your target audience

To reach your ideal customer you have to think like them! What hashtags would they be following? What hashtags would they search expecting to come across a post like yours? What affinity interests do your products or services share with theirs? For example, if you make bespoke furniture or artisan home furnishings, could you target those interested in interior design with your posts?

Do your research!

Do your research, find out what hashtags in your field are popular, what your ideal customer is posting and what works well for other similar-sized brands to you. You can do this right on Instagram using the search function or by using tools like GravTag. Make a judgement call – too broad a hashtag and you’ll get lost in the noise, too niche and it’s a waste!

Hashtags have the power to build communities around interests, niches and products. They also wax and wane in popularity and use with new trends popping up on the daily so keep on top of your research to make sure your posts don’t get left behind!

Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Use your research, jump on emerging trends if they’re relevant to your business and keep an eye on what your competitors are using if their posts are performing well. Tailor your hashtags to your individual posts and what your audience are using when posting about similar products or services. Keep an eye on your analytics and find out what works for you!

reach your people by being relevant to them!

The take-home message is to strive for relevancy. You’ll reach your people by being relevant to them, what they’re searching for, posting about and compelled to interact with!

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